ROCHESTER N.Y. – Community members chanted against sexual assault and domestic violence, while also standing against Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation.

After hearing the news Saturday afternoon, Dotty Harris said she wanted to show support to those victims at the vigil for survivors.

The confirmation was not a victory for women she attests by saying, “don’t open your mouth because you’re not going to get to first base.”

Harris says she will be celebrating her 79th birthday next month, but believes through the years, nothing has changed; Kavanaugh’s fate was expected.

“You’ve got a bunch of men – old men — who are questioning this woman and they do not believe her because they don’t want to believe her,” added Harris.

Matthew Gallelli found his way back to Rochester this summer and with sign in-hand, he says he is a victim of sexual assault.

“In order to hurt somebody else, you have to get past me first,” he said while also telling Spectrum News that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony gave him his voice.

“If she could do it in front of millions, the least I can do is let people know that I was part of the moment from the inside. I’m the white male here in America and we currently have the power, I didn’t ask for the power, I was given it by honor and privilege, so if I have that privilege I can use it to make changes.”