Three stickers advocating white supremacy have been found in the town of Brighton, something the town's supervisor says is a message of hate toward everyone.

“In a community like Brighton, messages of hate directed towards one group are directed at all of us,” said Town Supervisor Bill Moehle. 

Joined by police at a press conference Thursday, Moehle said the incident is under investigation. 

According to Brighton Police, three stickers have been seen advocating for white nationalism. The first sticker was of a white supremacy symbol. It was reported Monday by staffers who saw the sticker outside of the town hall building. The other two stickers were found in a bathroom of a local restaurant and on a utility pole. 

“If you didn’t mean to cause annoyance and alarm, you did, and you need to understand that those actions have consequences,” said Brighton Police Chief Mark Henderson. 

“I am speaking with the voice of nearly 37,000 residents of Brighton to say that we reject hate. We reject any attempt to divide us,” Moehle said. 

Police are examining the stickers for possible fingerprints. Surveillance video is also being reviewed. Anyone with information should call Brighton Police.