ROCHESTER N.Y. – The influx of cars and people at the hospital can alter in seconds, but one patient’s stay has lasted hours.

“I can’t just walk around anymore. I can’t just take care of my kids alone anymore, you know, I’ve been in the hospital for two weeks now.”

Frozen in fear, Emily Pangburn, 25, suffered through four shots to the leg just before midnight on Waring Road September 15.

“I could literally feel my soul leaving my body,” she said.

At the time, her 1-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter’s cries echoed from upstairs. To keep them safe, she endured the injuries to grab her cell phone and dial 911.

“I was thinking about everything in my life – I’m not going to let someone just end my life today and it was like fight-or-flight,” she said. “I was destined to still be here with my kids.”

In the process of recovery, Pangburn wants justice through the ongoing investigation for the home she had to leave and the memories she won’t have.

With no date set for recovery, her sister Cortney Pangburn is raising funds to offset the cost of future surgeries.