A high-profile murder trial is causing some money problems for the Steuben County District Attorney’s Office.

The county legislature unanimously approved $88,000 in new funding, two-thirds of which will go toward expenses for the Lloyd Neurauter trial.

He’s accused of killing his ex-wife Michelle, with help from their daughter.

Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker says asking the county for more resources is not the norm.

“We have more than 70 people under subpoena. We have experts from across the country. So, just the witness fees, the travel and those costs are outrages. And we don’t budget for things like that. You don’t budget for a once every two decades trial. And, so we had to go back and get some more money,” said Baker.

The trial is expected to get underway next month.

Any money left will go toward offsetting costs associated crimes connected to the opioid crisis.