SPENCERPORT, N.Y. -- Firefighters say they were able to successfully rescue of an injured hiker over the weekend, because she let her dad know where she was going before she went out.

"People should always remember both in good weather; they should let somebody know when they're out on trails hiking, even in park systems like this. It's incredibly helpful to have someone know where you are and to be prepared. Have your phone with you. But letting someone know where you are going is incredibly important and let us able to make that rescue today,” said Spencerport Fire District Assistant Chief Bill Hallinan.

The Spencerport Fire Department says the woman fell into a creek bed in Northampton Park and couldn't get out.

She called 911, but had no idea where she was.

State Police Aviation Units along with Monroe County Sheriff's Office K-9 units and Spencerport off-road vehicles helped search for the woman and found her in about an hour.

She was taken to the hospital and is expected to be OK.