ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Businesses in Rochester are trying to do more to help with the opioid crisis.

The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is holding a special meeting for its members on Wednesday. They’re calling it, ‘Opioid Addiction – What Employers Need to Know.’

Organizers of the event are trying to help employers understand how to better deal with both the medical and the compliance issues raised.

They say the crisis is costing employers between $25 billion and 42 billion annually.

Attendees of the event will have the opportunity to get their questions answered about difficult situations that may arise concerning the use of opioids by employees.

Nixon Peabody Attorney Kimberly Harding will be there to answer legal questions.

“The hope really is to get employees the treatment and the resources that they need so that they can return to being productive effective members of the workforce,” she said.

Each person will receive a Naloxone kit to keep at their workplace, which can help to save the life of someone suffering from an overdose. Monroe County Commissioner of Public Health, Dr. Michael Mendoza, will show employers how to administer the Naloxone.

Chris Wiest of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce says, “So now employers can be prepared in the unfortunate event if there is an incident at their work site with an employee or customer in terms of how they can administer Narcan to help in those situations.”

Organizers of Wednesday morning's event are expecting many to attend. It is open to Chamber of Commerce members only.