While Sodus Point residents were in the middle of summer festivities Wednesday afternoon, a man was stabbed in the neck and sent to the hospital.

A day where people skip work or other activities to enjoy the water and nice weather, 'Blow Off Day' is one of the most anticipated annual events in Sodus Point.

“It’s gotten huge in the last couple of years.” said Sodus resident Dominique Marrocco.

Welcoming to all ages, residents say first and foremost, it’s a community gathering.

“I love Blow Off Day. I’ve been here pretty much my whole life," Marrocco said. "Pretty much, random people get together. You can know people, but you don’t.”

That’s why Morrocco was surprised to hear there was a stabbing Wednesday afternoon.

“I’ve never heard about that happening," Morroco said. "Usually, Blow Off Day is fun, so that was crazy to me.”

According to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, there was a fight in the water which ended with a man getting stabbed in the neck. The male suspect was arrested, and two others men were arrested for resisting arrest and obstruction. The victim was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital and his condition is unknown.

 “Unfortunately isolated incidents like this do occur at all different kind of venues," said Lieutenant Matt Ryndock, with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office. "But obviously we’re going to try and prevent it from happening in the future.”

Ryndock says this is the most serious incident he can remember, but with over 1,000 people and hundreds of boats, he says they come prepared.

“With a large number of people, there’s a lot of factors," Ryndock said. "Different venues we can apply the same principals. For example, we had an ambulance staged here. Not only for situations like we had with the assault, but if someone were to have heat stroke, heat exhaustion, alcohol poisoning.”

Besides D.W.I checkpoints and boats in the water, Ryndock says they also get assistance from several other agencies to make sure everyone is staying safe.

“The scenery out here is something that people enjoy doing, and we encourage that," Ryndock said. "But we obviously want people to follow the rules when they’re enjoying themselves.”

Ryndock asks if anyone has video or information about the stabbing, to contact the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

“It's disheartening," said Morrocco. "Our community’s not like that. It’ s usually heartfelt. It’s not fighting.”