One family will never forget the moment their daughter came into this world and the moment they knew they weren’t going to make it to the hospital.

One day after Ashley Brown’s due date she woke up to a few contractions. Those subsided when she got to the hospital for a stress test. After being told to head back home, she says she went into labor. That's when she and her husband Chris got back into the car and headed towards Rochester.

“I was not very cooperative, I could hear him on the phone with 911, and I’m trying to alert my mom that we pulled over so she doesn’t drive by us on the way to the hospital. I just remember screaming to everyone that the baby is coming and that I need help,” Ashley said.

Christopher Brown has been an AMR supervisor for eight years. Riley Ann Brown was coming into this world on Route 104 whether they were ready or not, when help came to their rescue.

“It was exciting and very nerve wrecking," Chris said. "It’s a lot different when it’s your own kid. Being on the side of the road and not having my equipment with me was nerve wrecking. Luckily Monroe Ambulance happened to be driving by, so I stepped out in front of them and I flagged them down and they’re like 'what’s going on?'"

"After she was born I was pretty nervous because we still had to drive to the hospital, so he was holding her behind me and I couldn’t see her which was a little nerve wrecking for me because I couldn’t see what was going on with her,” added Ashley Brown.

Mom and the baby are doing great and the addition of Riley brings the Brown household to a family of four joining big bister Payton.