ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The age to buy tobacco products in Monroe County will stay the same for now, after legislators in committee decided against moving forward on a bill that would raise the age to 21.

Before coming to a vote, legislators opened the floor to the public.

Several organizations spoke, including the American Heart Association, speaking in support of the measure, and the New York State Vapor Association, which was opposed.

A chief concern of political opponents: No other counties in the area have a similar bill. Lawmakers say they believe teens would just cross county lines to make their purchases, taking their other business with them.

Those in favor of the measure argued the bill would save lives by making it harder for teens to obtain and become addicted to tobacco products.

Across the state and in New York City, some 13 counties already have passed similar laws.

A similar bill in the state legislature wasn't heard before session ended last week.