WATERLOOK, N.Y. — Add a new record to the books! People in the Finger Lakes region made this year's Flag Day one to remember.

Hundreds and hundreds came out to Waterloo High School to say the pledge of allegiance in an attempt to set a new world record. Volunteer counters estimated the group to total more than 1,000.

It was the first attempt on record, but organizers feel they've set the bar pretty high.

The idea came from Finger Lakes Radio Group, who chose the village for it's patriotic ties.

"We were trying to think of some fun ideas, at the station, he said 'well you know, we should probably do something with the pledge of allegiance, what can we do?' I thought 'wait a minute, Waterloo is the birthplace of Memorial Day, that's a no brainer!'" said Waterloo resident Mary Cook.

The numbers will have to be sent to Guinness World Records to make it official, but the village plans to place a plaque on site to commemorate the event.