ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- The Rochester Police Department is releasing new details about changes to the way officials analyze the city`s crime data.

“The problem with using year to year comparisons or percent change is that you`re assuming the previous year is a normal or a bench mark year, said RPD Business Intelligence Director, Nick Petitti. 

So far there have been 8 homicides in the City of Rochester in 2018. 

Instead of looking at crime stats on a year to year basis, the department will now analyze crime data in a more historical context.

"Crime is not evenly distributed throughout the city. So our job is to make sure command understands where those are so they can address strategies that address particular areas and really tailor a response to the events that are happening there instead of having a cookie cutter approach across the city, said Petitti. 

“We`re not stopping, we`re not letting up, in fact we are gonna work even harder, and if someone chooses to commit crimes in this city, we are going to come after you,” said RPD Police Chief Michael Ciminelli. 

The new data is expected to be uploaded to the RPD`s open portal in the months ahead.