There are new developments in the ongoing NXIVM saga, as federal authorities want to seize two Halfmoon properties linked to alleged cult leader Keith Raniere.

A civil complaint filed in federal court claims a home on Hale Drive is owned by the co-founder of NXIVM Nancy Saltzman.

The second property, a condo in the Grenadier Court Condominium, was the home of actress Allison Mack, who is a high ranking member of the organization and accused of conspiring to recruit women as sex slaves.

The complaint alleges the properties may have been used as a hub of coerced sexual acts, abuse and sex trafficking linked to the so-called cult.

Right now, Raniere and Mack are facing federal charges of sex trafficking and forced labor.

A trial date has been set for October. If convicted, both could face 15 years to life in prison.