GREECE, N.Y. — Residents in Greece packed Town Hall on Tuesday night, delivering a petition with more than 100 signatures opposing the opening of a Jeremiah's Tavern across from a residential community.

"My particular home is 200 feet away, some other homes are a little bit closer, a little bit further away. We're just very concerned about the element, the atmosphere that will be invading our residence," said Joe Marcone, Greece resident.

Residents fear that the restaurant will bring loud music and bright lights, but their primary concern was safety.

"Traffic on Banbury Drive and possibly drunk and disorderliness or commotion in our peaceful neighborhood," said Marcone.

While the majority of Northampton Condo residents are senior citizens, they were also concerned over the location's proximity to the nearby school.

"We have children that walk to and from the High School, Athena, and they will be walking right next to that environment every day," said Marcone.

Residents also spoke out against the proposal to bring a gas station to the former Hotel DeMay.

"The master plan said we were going to preserve the historical parts of it. We've already taken down part of it which was the Hotel DeMay," said Susan Cunningham.

Like the Jeremiah's proposal, residents worry that the area is not equipped to handle the increase in traffic.

"It's so bad that I have to circumvent the intersection. I was taking it for 50 years, but now I have to go a different way because it's so bad there," said Cunningham.

The decision was made to table both items.

"It's just a wonderful thing when a residence comes together, when a community comes together. It's just wonderful. I'm very, very pleased," said Marcone.

"I just hope the Town Board makes the right decision, that's what we need," said Cunningham.