A social media post about ticks left some, well, ticked off.

  • CDC posted poppy-seed muffin with ticks in it
  • Ticks carry Lyme disease, which can cause medical issues

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is apologizing for a tweet made about muffins. The CDC posted a photo of a poppy-seed muffin last week, asking people if they could spot all five ticks hidden on the muffin.

It was meant to raise awareness about the small size of ticks and educate people on ways to prevent tick bites.

Instead, Twitter users complained that the photo ruined poppy-seed muffins. The CDC posted a pun-filed apology.

A 2016 study found ticks that carry Lyme disease present in nearly half of all U.S. counties.

If not treated, Lyme disease can produce severe arthritis or cause neurological or cardiac problems.