The Holley High School trap team is just one 59 teams across the state that compete in the Spring Clay Target League.

"At a banquet in 2016 we noticed that there was a lack of youth bringing the sport up so we wanted to do something to bring more youth back into the program," said Butch Moy, President of the Holley Rod & Gun Club.

The school team gives marksmen the chance to compete with kids their own age, while learning more about gun safety.

"This you get to shoot with your buddies from school, the other league you shoot with grown men," said Holley team member Bradley Kingdollar.

"Even when we come down here we do a range safety meeting and everything is explained. They come out here with the new kids and show them where to be holding the gun and to always keep it down range," said Holley team member Ethan Waldron.

During the spring season teams are scored weekly at their local range with hopes of qualifying for the state tournament in June.

"I think just the accomplishment of doing better scores each week, they progress and it makes them feel good," said Moy.

"It gives me something to focus on. It's something that people who aren't good at sports can be good at," said Kingdollar.

And trapshooting is a sport that knows no gender or age group. Teams are made up of students aged 12 and up with boys and girls competing on the same team.

"It feels like one big family to me honestly. We all connect through this but you get to meet new people in the school district, like the younger kids and some of the older kids. It's actually kind of fun," said Holley team member Alexis Clemons.

"They are having a blast out here so I don't think anybody should take that away from them," said Kingdollar.

But just last month Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Ronsenthal proposed a bill that would remove rifle teams from state public schools.

"I don't think they understand it at all, nobody is out here getting hurt. It's all safe," said Waldron.

"I'm totally against it. This is an awesome program and we've had nothing good come out of it," said Moy.

"If they kind of took this away from me, it would be like a big hole in me because I love this sport, it's everything to me," said Clemons.

If passed, Rosenthal's proposal would go into effect immediately.