Removed Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio was back in court Friday answering to three probation violations filed against her. 

Judge Stephen Aronson adjourned the case until the end of June because Astacio is in the process of obtaining a new attorney. She was released with no bail. Mark Foti appeared as Leticia Astacio`s provisional counsel Friday until she can find a permanent lawyer. Astacio now has two months to choose a lawyer and get them up to speed on the case.

Two of the alleged violations she is charged with are connected to her attempt to buy and possess a shotgun. Astacio denied those new violations.

The terms of her probation prohibit her from having a gun.

The other violation is failing to follow through with the required mental health treatment as part of her DWI conviction. 

“As far as those new allegations, there`s obviously a new gun charge that`s been arraigned and is pending in Henrietta, said prosecutor, Zach Mauer. The treatment allegations are that she didn’t comply with treatment that was recommended so we`d like to find out and clarify whether or not there is still ongoing treatment that should be recommended that she would have to comply with.” 

In court, Astacio`s attorney pointed to a report from a doctor that states Astacio went to more evaluations than average. 

Earlier this week the State Commission on Judical conduct removed Astacio from the bench for her initial D-W-I arrest, violating her DWI sentence - and misconduct on the bench.  

She has 30 days to appeal that decision, and if she does, the court of appeals will issue a final ruling in three to five months. Today the judge, defense attorney and prosecutor agreed to the adjournment. 

The prosecution says the judicial commission’s recommendation to remove Astacio from the bench has nothing to do with the case. Leticia Astacio`s next court appearance is set to take place June 28th.