DALLAS, Texas — Two Dallas police officers and a loss prevention officer at Home Depot are out of surgery after being shot while escorting a man from the store on Tuesday.

The injured officers have been identified as Officers Crystal Almeida and Rogelio Santander. Both of the officers are three year veterans with the force.

The injured Home Depot employee remains in critical condition.

The man accused of shooting the officers is now in custody. Armando Luis Juarez, 29, was caught Tuesday night after a police chase in the Dallas-Forth Worth area of Texas.

Law enforcement said the two Dallas police officers and a loss prevention officer who were shot and critically wounded are making strides Wednesday morning.

"They're out of surgery, and we're asking for your continued prayers for them and their families," said Chief Renee Hall of the Dallas Police Department. "I want to take this opportunity to thank the officers for an outstanding job."

The incident began Tuesday afternoon when an off-duty officer at the Home Depot called to request backup officers for an arrest.

It is still unclear how the shooting unfolded.