Mother Nature has delayed the blooming process for one of Rochester’s most loved flower, but Spectrum News reporter Breon Martin shares how the unusual cold start to spring has not delayed the annual Lilac Festival.

ROCHESTER N.Y. — Even with this weekend’s ice storm — and the possibility of more cold weather on the way, it hasn’t put a damper on the 120th annual Rochester Lilac Festival.

Festival producer Jeff Springut says the flowers need roughly two to three weeks to bloom.

“If I could control the weather, they would bloom on opening day and straight through,” he said. “This is Rochester, today there’s ice on the branches and it’s really pretty, but you never know what could happen in a week's time. It could start warming up.”

Springut also says thousands are expected to attend this year’s festival, so even if the flowers don’t bloom in the next few weeks, there will be plenty to explore.

Free to the public, that’s 10 full days of live music, exhibits, foods, and a variety of flowers spread across the 155 acres.

“Even if the lilacs aren’t blooming, you got magnolias, rhododendrons — a plethora of flowers that are blooming all across the spring,” said Springut.

Some residents appreciate the 22 acres containing just the lilacs outside of the festival.

“We often don’t come during the lilac festival because we like to stay away from the crowd, but we come up here very regularly," said Dale Hampton during a stroll through Highland Park Sunday. “I think a lot of people come because it’s a large event with an enormous number of vendors and great music. I’ve even attempted to come and listen to some bands before and a few vocalists.”

The festival will go on as planned. It is slated to blossom May 11th at Highland Park.

For the full list of events visit, visit this website.