ROCHESTER N.Y. – Multiple flights were cancelled this weekend at the Greater Rochester International Airport following the ice storm warning Saturday afternoon.

The warning forced travelers to make other arrangements.

Daniel and his wife Jackie Noble were set for their vacation to Amsterdam, under the impression that the warnings could soon pass.

“We’ve been looking forward to this vacation for a few months. Obviously the ice storm is coming or not coming. Nobody knows until tomorrow, so we were thinking we could get a different flight and leave a little bit earlier instead of noon tomorrow,” said Daniel.

Jackie said, “Sometimes it can pas— sometimes it is predicted that the weather is going to be bad and then it’s not.”

During an ice storm the freezing rain can cause a thick glaze of ice that covers the roads. Pinkesh Patel, a Rochester native was dropping his brother-in-law off at the airport when he said, “The weather here is unpredictable. It’s April and it’s supposed to be spring and we are still getting winter weather,” and like the Nobles, Patel has considered a drive of a little over 300 miles, to the next destination.

Daniel said, “We could possibly drive to Detroit so that way we could fly out of Detroit to Amsterdam tomorrow.”

The ice storm warning is not expected to expire until Sunday afternoon, so it is advised that if flying out over the weekend to call the airline and check on your flight's status.