ROCHESTER, N.Y. — In a lengthy open letter addressed to administrative Judge Craig Doran, embattled Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio detailed the reasons she says she's been in and out of work since August.

The judge previously cited a medical issue for her absence. In the recent letter, however, Astacio explained that she has been mentally unwell because of a "hostile" work environment at City Court.

Astacio was originally arrested in 2016 for DWI and has been in and out of court and jail for a number of alleged probation violations.

She pleaded guilty to one such violation in November.

Astacio says she has been barred from the Hall of Justice since that time, and according to her letter posted to Facebook, has been doing office work and has been kept from any judicial duties. 

The judge also says she's been forced to come in from the back of the building and go through metal detectors, even though no other court employees do so. 

She requested to have a meeting with Judge Doran to discuss returning to her judicial work.

Doran says it's not appropriate for him to comment on social media posts from those he supervises, but did say, "If Judge Astacio contacts me and asks for a meeting, I would, as I would with any Judge I supervise, respond to concerns quickly and appropriately."