ROCHESTER N.Y. — The Hoadley family has built their home on a foundation of hope and extraordinary heart. 

For mother Dawn Hoadley, she would bring into the world her daughter Madison whose heart is quite extraordinary.

“Life is a gift and no one is guaranteed tomorrow. We really have to live life to the fullest,” said Dawn Hoadley, whose daughter, Madison, was born with a serious heart condition called aortic stenosis. 

“When I was only 48 hours old they realized that I had a heart condition," Madison said. 

Doctors say it would affect the rest of her life.

During aortic stenosis, the aortic valve does not function properly, decreasing blood flow from the heart which is needed to be carried out through the body.

As a newborn, Madison had gone through open-heart surgery.

“I was able to play and grow until I was about seven-years-old,” she said. Then it was time for a second procedure.

Last May, she had open heart surgery. 

Now at age 16, she works at Highland Hospital as a nurse intern. As a kid, it was a passion of hers to work directly with patients.

“Had she been born a decade earlier she probably wouldn’t be with us and lucky that she’s had her third surgery—hopefully that will be her last open heart surgery,” said Dawn.

Madison, reflecting back on one of her favorite quotes, she reads, “it takes strength to survive and courage to live and I think that means that, especially in my case. It takes strength to survive what you’re going through and once you’ve done that then you’ve just survived; now you have to choose to live."