ROCHESTER N.Y. – Springtime in Rochester is a great time for picky eaters.

Saturday was the Rochester CSA Fair, bringing together farmers from the surrounding counties to share information about organically grown produce, meats, flowers and other treats. 

Wild Hill Farm hosted the fair and during the event owner and organizer, Erin Bullock said the fair is a great way for farmers to connect directly with the community about their crops and farming techniques. 

Farmers such as Cindy Christ pushes for similar events, as New York loses an average of 75 family farms per year. 

B&C Christ Farms is a small family farm in Kendall, offering a variety of heirloom tomatoes, organically grown garlic, small fruits and vegetables.

Cindy and her husband, Butch Christ, along with their daughter Elizabeth, make a living by farming, while also teaching their family the traditions of sustainable agriculture. She says there is a major need to support local farming.

“There are so many small farms nowadays that are going under because of big stores and big farms—it’s very important for the community to support local agriculture,” she said.

CSAs offer memberships to continue connecting residents with the freshest and healthiest foods in the area.

“Connecting directly with the famer is such a win-win,” added Bullock.