LIVONIA, N.Y. — Wednesday is they day when millions of students from across the country are walking out of class to honor the lives that were lost in the Florida shooting on February 14. In Livonia, students are taking part in the national walk out, by walking in.

After learning about the national school walkout movement on social media, students worked with administrators to host their own event at Livonia High School.

Many districts are worried about allowing a politically charged event within school walls as administrators find themselves having to balance that with giving students the opportunity to be civically engaged.

There have also been concerns about security so students in Livonia are going to gather in the school’s gymnasium instead of outside.

Those who don’t want to take part will have an alternative activity.

“There is a wide spread of emotions and diversity of opinion on what the right thing to do is,” said Livonia Superintendent Matt Cole. “That’s not atypical of anything we deal with in a public school. We have to honor the rights, values and opinions of everybody who comes through our doors.

“We feel more comfortable and safer that we can support them expressing themselves inside the building versus having students in a parking lot or anywhere else on campus.”

The Livonia School District has a permanent school resource officer who will be at the school along with extra Livingston County sheriff’s deputies for support.

The superintendent did not specify what disciplinary action he would take if some students decide to leave the building.