ROCHESTER, N.Y. — There are still many questions the Rochester City School District won't be able to answer it says until an external investigation into the death of 14-year-old Trevyan Rowe is complete.

The Mary Cariola Children's Center says everyone can learn from Trevyan's tragic death.

One third of all the children at Mary Cariola are autistic, and the center has many plans in place to keep children from eloping or wandering off, including having an adult always responsible for a child at any given time.

The State Education Department requires that every district in the state have a safety plan for all kinds of emergencies and elopement or wandering needs to be part of those safety plans. 

"District do have plans. I can only speak to the quality of the Mary Cariola plans. But what I do know is that reviewing these plans and sharing between educators, parents and the community is critically important to the success of them. I'm hopeful that Thursday's community get-together will both share what might be new information to some but also give lots of educators a chance to review their information that they're currently using. We can always do a better job and prevention is really important,” said Dr. Christine Sheffer, Mary Cariola Schools superintendent.

The State Board of Education also released this statement, saying:

"Ensuring the safety of all students is always our most important concern. We are deeply saddened by the tragic death of Trevyan Rowe and the troubling circumstances surrounding his disappearance. We are in contact with the Rochester City School District and are closely monitoring the investigation to determine what happened and what actions need to be taken to ensure a similar tragedy never happens again."

The event at Mary Cariola is set for Thursday, March 22 from 1 to 3 p.m. and is open to the public.