ROCHESTER, N.Y. — A Rochester community wants to take the story of Trevyan Rowe down to lawmakers in Albany.

“Coming from a human perspective and a perspective of a mother, it’s just time to find out what can we do to not have this situation happen again,” said Trevyan’s Law creator Antonia Wynter.

The proposed law would make missing child alerts available no matter the situation.

The alerts would come during the time it takes for an Amber Alert and state alert to be issued.

The law would alert the public of children that have went missing within a 25-mile radius. 

“I think we’re learning that Amber Alert is for a specific type of child that maybe has been kidnapped, but we can in New York State have other types of alerts to notify people right away when something like this is going on,” said Wynter.

Trevyan Rowe went missing from School 12 on Thursday and was later found in the Genesee River Sunday.

“I’d love to talk to the mayor and other people in the government who can make this from being something that we’re talking about to something tangible that’s actually going to happen and make a difference,” said Wynter.

While Trevyan’s Law is still in the preliminary stages, advocates hope it will keep his name and legacy alive.