ROCHESTER — It was an emotional reunion when a family got to thank the Rochester firefighters who helped them bring a baby boy into the world.

The Lawrence family was on the way to Highland Hospital when they called for help. Engine 17 responded just like it would to any other woman in labor.

The firefighters ended up helping deliver baby Jallah Gifted Lawrence in a car on Scio Street last Thursday. 

"Me and the other guys got to the car and assessed the situation and we thought we had a little bit of time and she said 'oh no the head's here' and 10 seconds later he was out," Rochester firefighter Jim Church said. "Usually when we go to these calls you know it's someone's worst day and they're calling us for an EMS call and this had a very positive outcome and it feels good to be able to bring another life into the world."

The Lawrence family presented the firefighters with a plaque as a token of their appreciation.