GREECE, N.Y. — The former tax collector for the town of Greece is firing back after the town agreed to pay settlements to two employees who accused him of sexual misconduct and creating a hostile work environment.

Supervisor Bill Reilich (R) says after learning of the accusations against Rick Antelli, the town contacted an employment attorney who investigated the complaints. Reilich says the attorney's findings backed up the claims. 

According to court records, one woman claimed Antelli tried to persuade her into a romantic relationship with him. He's also accused of telling another female employee to cover up her pregnancy saying she would be fired if the town found out. 

Antelli's lawyers deny all accusations against him, saying he only learned of the sexual harassment investigation Wednesday. 

Attorney Elizabeth Cordello says her client, Antelli, wasn't given a fair chance to defend himself saying in part, "The town gave Mr. Antelli roughly 72 hours to meet with the attorney investigating the matter. During that period of time, Mr. Antelli was unavailable."

The outside employment attorney representing the town responded as well saying in part, "Mr. Antelli made statements to the media alleging that he only learned today that the complaints against him were sexual in nature. This is absolutely false."

The attorney sent a letter describing the serious nature of the accusations and says it was sent to Antelli in December.

She requested at the time that Antelli be barred from town property, which she says he violated by showing up at town hall with several strangers in a white van.

She claims at least three meetings were scheduled with Antelli that he did not show up for.

The attorney added, "The meeting never in fact occurred because I was contacted instead by his attorney and she told me that she had advised Mr. Antelli not to speak with me."

Antelli did not seek re-election in November and is no longer employed by the town of Greece.