BRIGHTON, N.Y. -- A tweet is sparking controversy at Monroe Community College.

A student went to Twitter to vent his frustrations after he claims his Confederate Flag was vandalized.

The tweet said, "Shout out to the n***** at MCC who vandalized my confederate flag. You'll be a white man’s property soon enough. Give trump time."

“I think everyone who saw that tweet found it offensive ,”said MCC President Anne Kress. "The reality is this student was posting from a personal account, has freedom of speech and has the right to say what he wishes to say, but we also have a right as an institution that says that’s not MCC's value. ”

Many MCC students past and present want consequences.

“I feel for your property, but that type of response was not warranted,” said MCC Alum, Omar Hossain.

Other students hope that the student learns something from this.

“We're human too. We bleed just the same as he does," said student Christopher Spencer of Rochester. "Strive for some empathy, some compassion, some understanding.”

Despite not agreeing with the remarks made by the student, Monroe Community College says the student will not be reprimanded.

Instead they hope he will sit down with the Chief Diversity Officer to learn the impact of social media and the importance of diversity.

The student has since deleted the controversial social media post.