ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Frontier Field lease negotiations between the Rochester Red Wings and Monroe County are stalled according to the team's president and CEO, Naomi Silver.

She says the county wants about double what's it's currently paying, and the team says that's more than it can handle.

Silver says the team currently pays about a $1 million per year to use the stadium. She says the county now wants about $2 million.

Silver says the Red Wings already shells out twice what the average minor league baseball team normally pays. The next meeting between the two sides is Monday. The county tells us that the International League has no objection to it taking a look at the team's books.

"They've said they want to take a look at our books and records," Silver said. "If we need to give them a comfort level that we've been doing business honestly and with integrity and that we're not hiding anything, they're welcome to it. We have absolutely nothing to hide. To the extent that they want to look at our operation and try to determine whether we're running an efficient operation, you know I'm not comfortable with that and that's where things seem to stand right now."

The current lease expires following the last home game, which is on Labor Day. The lease would extend should the Red Wings make the playoffs.

The county added in a statement saying in part, "Recognizing the Red Wings' many contributions to Rochester, the County has and will continue to negotiate in good faith to strike an agreement to keep the team at Frontier Field. We look forward to a productive meeting on Monday."