ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- A woman is suffering from burns after she was found on fire early Saturday morning in downtown Rochester.

Shortly after 1 a.m. first responders were called for the report of a woman on fire near the bus stop on East Main Street near East Avenue. 

By the time Rochester firefighters got to the scene they found the flames had been put out.

The woman was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital with second degree burns to her legs and hands.

Passerby are now being credited for taking quick action.

"We understand there were a few passerby that saw this person that had a fire on her lower portion of her clothing, pant area, apparently they stepped in and we understand they helped extinguish that fire on the person. Not really sure what took place here, the cause, didn't seem to be any major disruption besides just this situation that was noticed by passerby," said Glen Sheremeta, Rochester Fire Department. 

Fire crews say the injuries don't appear be to be life-threatening.

The cause remains under investigation.