The city is celebrating 50 years of public art in the parks. Borough reporter Ruschell Boone visited a new exhibit that's brightening the landscape and the spirits of some park-goers who say it popped up in an unexpected place.

With the lush green landscape as its backdrop and the wind as its prop, the colorful art exhibit is turning heads inside Highland Park.

The Parks Department has collaborated with artists to create thousands of public works of art around the city, but this is a first for this open space, which straddles the Brooklyn/Queens border. The art program is now in its 50th year, and longtime residents say the installation here is long overdue.

“The park is looked down on in general just because it has a long history and not necessarily a great history. So it's changing. And it's changing for the better. I think things like that proves that,” one resident said.

“It actually makes the neighborhood vibrant and energetic. So we enjoy it," said another resident. 

"It was something new. It caught my eye right off the bat,” a third resident said. 

The exhibition is called "The Giant Flower." There are five pieces: a daffodil, bluebell, tiger lily, daisy and a cosmos.

The 12-foot flowers were all hand sewn by artist Daniele Frazier, and she's getting a kick out of how people are viewing her work.

“It's my interpretation of flowers, but it's also for the public to enjoy. So I think in general, everyone really likes it. It's, like, happy and constantly changing with the weather so you can really step back and just watch it over time,” Frazier said.

People will have plenty of time to view the artwork. It will remain inside Highland Park until June of next year.