BRIGHTON, N.Y. -- The Brighton Central School District wants to be the first district in the county to become a zero waste district.

Students and staff are learning how to recycle and reuse everything in order to keep waste from heading to landfills.

The district will set up stations of recycle bins for kids to sort their trash, paper materials and food scraps for composting.

The district is also reviewing how supplies and equipment are packaged, delivered and disposed of.

Impact Earth is the district's community partner.

"Procurement is huge for zero waste. It has a lot to do with the success overall with zero waste initiatives because if we know what is coming in, we will know how to deal with it when we are trying to figure out what waste stream it needs to be put in, whether that is composting, anaerobic digestion or being reused and recycled into another material source stream," said Cassidy Putney, of Impact Earth.

French Road Elementary school will be the district's first zero waste cafeteria.