NEWARK, N.Y. -- A group of 7th and 8th graders from Newark, led by teacher Lisa Eakins, will board buses Thursday morning for Washington, D.C. to watch as Donald Trump takes the presidential oath of office.

"It's a learning experience for them. They're middle school students trying to form their own opinions and identities, so this is a great experience for them," said Eakins, who is supervising 46 students on the trip. "They get to leave home under our supervision, and experience things they wouldn't get to experience in Newark."

"It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I really love to learn about history," said Gabriella Taylor, 7th grader.

"It's nice to get to do this and to be able to learn and actually seeing something in person," said Ryan Hermenet, 8th grader.

"It's a very cool opportunity to be able to go down to Washington alone, and to see President-elect Trump get inaugurated," said Jack Comella, 8th grader.

Eakins first began taking students to Washington 20 years ago. This will be Newark Middle School's 6th trip to a presidential inauguration.