ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Authorities have now ruled the death of a 3-year-old girl earlier this week as a homicide and the grandfather of that little girl has started an online petition asking for the prosecution of Child Protective Services employees for their handling of the case.

John Geer believes his granddaughter, Brook Stagles, was beaten to death while she was living with her father Michael Stagles and his girlfriend Erica Bell.

No one has been charged yet and police say the investigation is ongoing.

Geer says Brook was covered in bruises on Sunday when she was taken to the hospital.   

She died the next day from internal injuries.  

Geer says she was so covered with bruises, doctors asked if she had been in a car accident.

He says there was an open CPS case with suspicion of child abuse, and believes CPS was negligent. In addition to having criminal charges against the case worker and her supervisor, Geer wants CPS to be reformed.

The online petition has received several hundred signatures and will be sent to Gov. Cuomo's office. 

In a statement CPS said, "We continue to mourn the loss of this child. As with any investigation related to the death of a child, the Department of Human Services is unable to provide comment while the investigation remains open."