ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- More than 100 people in Rochester are registered for a health care job training program through Action for a Better Community. The Health Profession Opportunity Grant is a federally funded program to recruit, train and place low-income individuals into good paying jobs.

ABC says early results of its labor program to train more than 1,000 people in health care jobs over the next five years is on track to make a positive difference.

"We have a very strict objective and that is to get people educated and trained and employed in the health care field so they can secure employment that is going to help them be self-sufficient," said Donald Hardaway, Rochester Health Profession Opportunity Grants president.

The $1.6 million federally-funded program is a five-year impact study to determine how these training programs help people find better jobs.

"We never really know the condition that someone is going to come us in. Some may already be a CNA already and their license is expired and they want to get re-certified. You have someone who knows that want to serve in a health care capacity but do not where to start. We are here to help them in that process," said Hardaway.

The program provides support services, tuition, assistance with transportation to class, housing and childcare. It has more than two dozen community partners like Excellus, MCC, FLCC, BOCES and RochesterWorks.

"That is where our funds can help. Where there are gaps that need to be filled we have the ability to that," said James Norman, the ABC president, CEO.

Brittney Davis is trying to change her life for the better. She's a high school drop-out and served time in jail. She enrolled in the program and is training to be a nurse.

"I tell you, it is a great experience. You learn a lot, you get to know and meet a lot of nice people and you just have a better outcome; a wonderful outcome," said Davis.

To be eligible to apply for the health care job training program at Action for a Better Community, you must be 18, a resident of Monroe County and income eligible.