European markets felt the affect long before we did.

When Wall Street opened Friday, the Dow dropped 575 points or four percent in early trading. That had many worried about their 401k's and IRA's, especially recent retirees and those nearing retirement.

Financial advisers at Brighton Securities say we've survived other financially crises in the past both at home and abroad. They believe there is no need to panic or change your financial plan.

"We want to stay diversified, we want to make sure that we are looking at all those principles of investing and following those and this kind of event that we've seen so many times before we should be able to weather that fine," Brighton Securities senior vice president Michael Francis said.

It's too early to tell just how long this crisis will last. Michael Francis believes it may linger anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month.

"Sometimes the markets can readjust themselves rather quickly, especially with technology today," Francis said. "Everybody knows what has happened, everybody is accessing the damage and sometimes these events can correct themselves rather rapidly."

Eight British students are on a small business internship at the Old Toad on Alexander Street in Rochester. They believe the affects of the Brexit vote will last for some time at home, and they're the ones who  will suffer the most.

"The demographics that I've seen from the vote is crazy," said Zach Botfield of Telford, England. "Everyone that's probably 50 or above voted it out, all the younger generation wants to remain and it's going to affect our futures in the long run which is almost a selfish act from our own country."

Some of these students will return home in September and don't know what to expect. Especially since the British pound took a huge hit following the vote.

"The pound's dropped down to 1.57 to the dollar which is the lowest it's been in decades, which is like really bad," said Samuel Beirne of St. Helen's, England. "It's good for us at the moment because we're to go back to England with a light dollar so it'll be strong against the pound, but in the long run it's just not great."

With the weaker pound, many are suggesting this may be an ideal time to plan a trip to Great Britain as you'll get more bang for the buck.