MOUNT MORRIS, N.Y. -- Having a bird's eye view is ideal when searching for a missing person, and with new drone regulation from the Federal Aviation Administration, deputies with the Livingston County Sheriff's Office can now get a view from above, in infrared or high definition from two new drones. 

"We can be up in the air and operating within 15 minutes, way before we hear back from anyone with aviation support," said Undersheriff Matthew Bean.

These drones have half an hour battery life, but a quick battery change puts the unmanned aerial vehicle back up in the air. Video can be recorded for evidence, or streamed to deputies.

Deputies cannot fly it on private property without a warrant because it would be against the law, but that doesn't mean residents aren't concerned. 

"Which is why we wrote clear policy on what we're going to use it for and what we're not going to use it for, and we do plan to have a demo in the future with our public," said Sheriff Thomas Dougherty,

"You can't get a helicopter down that low without some risk, and these you can take wherever they need to go. You're just not going to find a better system to do it." 

The drone cost $7,000 and was paid for with a legislative grant.