Home births in Kenya cause the death of 1 in every 100 mothers and 1 in every 20 babies. A local group is working to bring those numbers down stitch by stitch.

The Sherut group of Rochester's Jewish Federation is collecting new or used T-shirts to be turned into onesies for babies in Africa. They'll be included in a welcome kit for new mothers, encouraging them to give birth in hospitals instead of at home.

"Project 1Z" is a joint effort with Operation Karibu a non-profit that provides clothes and services to new mothers in Africa.

"Since we announced this project just a little over three weeks ago, we have already collected over 5,000 T-shirts. I've gotten phone calls from every type of organization, and this has been a true community, collaborative effort," said Debbie Zarkowsky, financial resource development director with Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester.

New or used cotton T-shirts, any size or color, may be dropped off for donation at the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester, 441 East Avenue, at Operation Karibu, located at Sheridan Movers, 1350 University Ave, and at collection barrels in locations throughout Rochester. Get a list of all collection sites here