ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- The Rochester Public Market promises to be open all 52 weeks of the year, and vendors are keeping their word so shoppers could fill up their bags Saturday. 

"Attention brave, intrepid market shoppers: even though the current temperature is three below zero, with that sun out it feels like one degree," said Evan Lowenstein over the loud speaker. He's the communications and special events coordinator for the City of Rochester.

Wind chill warning? No big deal.

"I have 16 layers on," Rachel Walsh, of Rochester, laughed. "I read the warnings, but I ignored them."

The lake effect snow advisory is whatever.

"I can't believe people are selling outside in the cold and that people are actually here," said Walsh. "I just moved into the city so I wanted to get some local produce and meet my friends for coffee."

Others were braving the blustery conditions for moral support.

"I'm not even here to get anything," said Lisa Gianforte, of Rochester.

On the other hand, Gianforte has stopped at Rochester's Public Market each weekend since the New Year. She wasn't going to stop now.

"It's just weather," Gianforte laughed. "The rain maybe we wouldn't come, but this is OK."

Shoppers can go inside and seek refuge from the cold, but vendors, on the other hand, have to stay out there and man their tents.

"People want food. If there are customers out here I'll be out here," said Robert Hagelberg, owner of Working in the Dirt Farm said. "What other day of the year can I put my frozen chicken on the table and not worry about it?"

While most vendors had tents, Hagelberg preferred taking in Mother Nature’s entire chill.

"I'm just dealing with it," Hagelberg said. "I'm in and out of the truck so it works."

If shoppers wanted to warm up a little they could head to Judy Dean.

"It's probably at least 32 or 34 degrees right here," Dean with Datthyn's Fruit Farm said.

Dean navigated through white out conditions before sunrise from Sodus.

"We are very dedicated, we have very dedicated customers, very loyal customers," Dean said.

There's no doubt about that.

"I'm OK, I'm OK, Walsh said. "My nose is starting to, you know it's still there, but I am feeling good."

"Seriously, thanks for coming out today, we pride ourselves on being open 52 weeks a year regardless of the conditions," Lowenstein said continued over the speaker.