ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- The debate over what some call a racist painting on a carousel may be winding down. 

A local activist says he'll be following up until the 110-year-old Pickaninny painting from Ontario Beach Park's Dentzel Carousel is preserved the right way.

Howard Eagle is a member of a local group that's been calling for the removal of the controversial art work. 

The city of Rochester had originally decided that the artwork would remain, but Mayor Lovely Warren said they reconsidered based on community concern. 

Now, Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo gave the city the go-head to alter the carousel as long as it gets the support of the city preservation board.  

"The person or the processes that's used for education will be very important because whoever is doing that has to have the expertise to understand what Pickaninny art is all about," Eagle said. "This is not about just an isolated painting, this is about a whole era of US history."

Another one of Eagle's concerns is how soon this matter will be taken care of. 

Dinolfo said Friday, if the city gets that approval, it can change the image before the carousel opens for the spring.