ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Rochester fire investigators are looking into the cause of several early morning car fires. The fires happened in the McKee Drive Industrial Park located off of Buffalo Road.

One of the auto shop owners at the business said he believes someone intentionally set fire to a dump truck, station wagon and van. He said it's happened before even though half the complex is fenced-in or gated. The fires occurred outside the shops and in different areas of the property. No one was hurt.

"I am sure every one of them had gas in them and gas... the tanks explode. I am surprised there is not more damage because it just carries with the intense heat and the gas and the tires. Everything in them burns. It gets so hot and they start blowing up. We are lucky the firemen are not hurt," said Kevin O'Neill, auto shop owner.

O'Neill is hoping surveillance cameras may have caught the culprits on camera. The Rochester Fire Department is calling the fires suspicious due to the number of vehicles and where they were located.