PENFIELD, N.Y. — A Penfield teen has become the first female Eagle Scout for the Seneca Waterways Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Kaitlyn Hoitt anxiously awaited her final interview to join the organization's highest rank.

"Pretty good, very excited," said Hoitt.

They called her in moments later.

She was ready to make history as the first female Eagle Scout with the Seneca Waterways Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

"I've actually always wanted to do scouting since I was little. I get to see my brothers do it," said Hoitt.

After a 30-minute interview, she stepped out as the council deliberated, then went back in for the final verdict.

"It's a little unbelievable to be standing here as one of the first eagles in the country. Absolutely amazing," said Hoitt.

Anthony Vogl, the director of development for the local Boy Scouts, says it normally takes six years to reach this rank.

"Kaitlyn has done it in under two years. So to be able to join the program as a young lady and work her way through to become an Eagle Scout really something special," said Vogl.

During the last 18 months, Hoitt earned 26 merit badges.

While she enjoyed earning all of them, she is especially proud of the aviation badge she got for flying a plane at the Williamson-Sodus Airport.

"Scouting has definitely made me a stronger, more confident person than I was two years ago. I came into scouting with a lot of background knowledge and what it teaches already but I know so much more now than I did then," said Hoitt.

Hoitt may be the first local female Eagle Scout, but she knows she won't be the last. 

"If you are interested in joining the BSA, then do it because you are going to become a more confident and strong person and you won't regret it," said Hoitt.

The Seneca Waterways Council has six more girls on track to become Eagle Scouts in 2021.