ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Go Ministries in Rochester will have a harder time helping families in need this holiday season after it was burglarized this weekend.

"I ain't mad at you. You left the computer and my mixtape was on there and my mixtape. My mixtape was good," said Cuevas Walker, the director of GO Ministries.

The organization aims to help at-risk youth, their families, and their neighborhood.

He says he came into the building on Clifford Avenue on Monday only to find that someone had broken in and stolen a TV and several bags of toys that he had planned to donate to families for Christmas.

"Just the mindset that you are taking away from people is whack. I hope when they go home that the Grinch Who Stole Christmas is on and they just happen to turn on the TV when he had the change of heart," said Walker.

While Walker intends to pray for the person who burglarized the ministry, he is looking to continue to help families in need this holiday.

Walker explains anyone who wants to give something tangible can contact him at 585-360-3526 to meet up and drop off the items and or one can help the organization financially by visiting the Go Ministries Inc 1615 website

Walker believes it's important for everyone just to remember what they can do still for the people in their lives this holiday season.

"Don't rob nobody of a conversation this season. Don't rob nobody of a hug or a smile. Don't rob nobody of forgiveness that's well deserved or earned because this has been a crazy year for everybody," said Walker.

Rochester Police say they are investigating the burglary and anyone with information is urged to call it in.