An international organization has chosen Rochester to visit as part of a collaborative effort to help feed children.

What You Need To Know

  • Feed the Children, Price Rite and Catholic Family Services combined to help out Rochester familes in need

  • In addition to food and household products, there was a focus on education

  • $100,000 worth of goods was handed out to Rochester families

"These are trying times, but having things like this can uplift people," said Simon Wyatt of Rochester.

This is a massive donation of food and essentials for Rochester families. All they have to do is roll up and let some of the 50 volunteers stuff their cars with food and other essentials. The organization, Feed the Children, teamed up with Price Rite, which provides the goods, and Catholic Family Services, which identifies those in need.  

"Price Rite has a good footprint in this marketplace and there's a fair amount of need in Rochester. Here in this county, probably 13 percent of the people don’t know where their next meal is coming from, and it’s a big food insecure place, and when you layer in COVID-19 pandemic, Price Rite said it’s ready to focus on a large community here in Rochester and see if we can try and help them out," said Feed the Children's Joe Allegro.

They are helping families like the Wyatt’s, who have a four-year-old getting ready to enter kindergarten and another on the way.

"We had got some information from one of the local organizations here in Rochester, Catholic Family Center, and they told us of a great opportunity to help our family with needed food and supplies since things are a little low around the area and hard to get certain things," said Wyatt.

"So we came together and we said we’re going to do 25 pound boxes of food for every individual. We have a box of hygiene items that’s about 10 to 15 pounds. We’re giving out children’s books, we have backpacks for kids with school supplies in it," said Allegro.

It’s not just food and household products; there is a focus on education.

"We hope on a long term basis, we can help out and that’s why we have an education component. We think that’s the way out of poverty and that’s why we’ve included backpacks for the kids with all the school supplies that they’ll need to help them through the school year," said Allegro.

"It was a blessing to be able to come through a drive-thru, help us out and, you know, just spread the love in support of everyone, you know, because everybody’s going through a hard time right now," said Wyatt.

$100,000 worth of goods was handed out to Rochester families.