Nicole Fleming, a University of Rochester nursing student, isn't letting anything slow her down. Fleming works with patients at Strong Memorial Hospital and with the help of interpreters, she's able to assist her patients with their needs. 

Her plan is to pursue a career in nursing. She says there are many deaf individuals in the health profession. 

"Over the next couple of years, you're going to see much more, many more of us. So we have a deaf nurse, we have deaf researchers, we have deaf medical students," Fleming said. "There are a lot of us already."

Fleming became deaf just a few years ago. While she may have lost her hearing, she doesn't view it as a bad thing. She's happy to be a part of the deaf community.

One of her patients, Elena Muscato, is also a nursing student. She's happy to have Fleming as a nurse. 

"I've gone through some different classes working with the patient side of things, so it's kind of different to see it from the nurse perspective as well and how you would like to treat everyone the same," Muscato said. "And I think it's amazing she's doing what she is."