ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Bishop Kearney is heading to the Class Double A state semifinals this weekend after knocking off Orchard Park in the Far West Regionals.

The Kings carry eight underclassmen on their 11 player roster and rely heavily on freshmen Marianna Freeman and Saniaa Wilson.

"Winning sectionals was a big deal, and the hardest thing about that was getting over this game, so for them that was their first times," said Kevan Sheppard. "I was like 'ok, we gotta calm down, we still got work to do, we got real opponents, everybody this time of year, they're a champion, there's no easy games, no matter what. ' So now we're on our way to Troy, and that definitely won't be an easy game, but we'll be ready."

Kearney will face Baldwin Saturday at Hudson Valley Community College. 

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