A Webster man is now able to see his family more clearly thanks to community support and a special pair of goggles. 

Stargardt disease stole Anthony Wilson’s sight at 7-years-old. The genetic disorder affects the retina's ability to respond to light, leaving him only able to see peripherally. However, a new pair of goggles have restored the gift he once lost. 

“I’m never going to have to sit next to the TV anymore," said Wilson. 

After testing various products his grandfather-in-law, Jim LaMonica agreed that nothing compared to the IrisVision goggles.

“It turned out great and I can just see that smile under those goggles. I know it’s working," said LaMonica. 

The family was able to raise $4,000 to offset the cost. LaMonica says they hope to one day help another person, but that will be after storytime.

“It’s about time daddy takes over. I think mommy is getting sick of reading Thomas the Train," said Wilson.