The Wilmot Cancer Center received a $25,000 donation from the Penfield non-profit, Be UninTIMidated

The group gave the money to the University of Rochester's Cancer Center to support its effort to become a designated National Cancer Institute.

Dr. Mohamed Tejani, an oncologist at the cancer center, says the money will be especially useful in making more treatments available.

"We also are really working hard to start our own investigator initiated trials that are developed here from the ground up and to have that available based on scientific research done right here," Dr. Tejani said. 

Tim Wesley of Penfield started the group after he was diagnosed with appendix cancer back in 2012. Wesley died in February, and his wife says the organization continues to work toward his mission.

"We felt so alone in the beginning. We didn't have anybody reaching out to us and wanting to help us so we decided to do something a little different," said Denise Wesley, Be UninTIMidated. "Maybe change the way people see this disease and see medical information being so private, if we could share it, we could help people."

Be UninTIMidated says it will continue to raise awareness about appendix and other rare cancers through various fundraisers throughout the year.