The deadly crash of Flight 3407 on February 12, 2009 in Clarence Center, NY, connected many people who had never met before the tragedy.

For others, like Justine Krasuski and Jennifer West, what transpired that night brought them back into each other's lives.

Krasuski's husband Jerry and Jennifer's husband Ernie both worked at Northrup Grumman, an aerospace, defense and security company with Western New York locations.

That's where Jennifer met her future spouse while she was also employed by the firm. 

Ernie West and Jerry Krasuski were among the 50 people killed when Flight 3407 went down that February night. 

Since that time, their wives have found strength they never knew they had. 

"Now I feel so much stronger — emotionally, physically," Krasuski said. "I am just so much stronger of a person than I was a person than I was 10 years ago."

Justine has been devoted to her family — a daughter and three grandchildren. Jennifer has poured everything into her daughter, Summer, who was only 2 years old when Ernie died.

Both women have also made journeys to Washington, D.C. to urge lawmakers to strengthen safety regulations in the airline industry.

Ten years since the crash, they live their lives with courage and conviction in honor of their husbands. 

"I feel like I'm very strong. And I didn't know I had that in me when looking back 10 years ago it's almost like a dream. It's surreal,” West said. "I'm just hoping that I can pass all that on to Summer. And I think I did because she knows I'm strong. She's like, 'You're Mom and Dad.' And I think if anything came from this it’s that I'm a better person and that I can teach her to be better person in the world."