Mary Abraham loved her sister’s quilts and needlework ability. Beverly Eckert was a dedicated advocate to the causes that earned her passion.

Without them in their lives, their sisters have pulled together and found ways to honor their memories in lasting ways.

Ruthann Stilwell created 13 quilt patterns, a series she calls “Wave to Mary,” as a way to work through her grief. Sister Tina Siniscalo has picked up on the hobby, something she says helps her feel closer to her missing younger sister.

They both make bags and quilts in her memory.

For Susan Borque and Karen Eckert, comfort has come by way of a scholarship that allows young girls to pursue their dreams.

They’ve created a partial scholarship for students at Sacred Heart in Beverly’s name. The scholarship is open to eighth grade girls, and there’s only one requirement for eligibility: have a strong passion for something.

There have been recipients so far, including Anna Yeager, now a sophomore at Canisus College studying computer science and economics but with a passion for animals.

“I see it as something I have to live up to,” she said. “I hope that I am doing a good job continuing to live out how she would want me to be, or how she acted herself.”